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We’re the best press release service in the business, You’ll find yourself featured with sites like the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, Fox, and more!

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What is Pattern Press?

Boiled down, we take content from your business or event and create an article that will be released to industry standards like ABC, CBS, and Fox. This press release contains the highest quality white hat SEO content.

Once we have created the press release, we seed it through some of the most authoritative news channels on the market, including the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, Lexis Nexis, Comtex, the Boston Globe, and more. The press release is then picked up by other news outlets and broadcast across their websites. In return, you receive hundreds of high quality, diverse links from the highest authority news sites.

Diverse Links and Powerful Sites

As the top news organizations publish your press release on their websites, your link is published as well. These sites contain domain authority scores of 20-90+ which boosts your site’s authority and drives traffic to it. And all from the highest quality, highest authority domains!

How does this benefit you? Google sees your site as even more trustworthy and authoritative. And this is a great way to diversify your anchor text. Had too many exact match anchor texts? Pattern Press is a safe way to ensure high-quality, diverse, in-content links.

Social Media and Logos

Once your links land with news sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, and the Boston Globe, you can use their logos on your site in a “featured by” section.

You can also post the links to your social media accounts which boosts your credibility even more. Authority, power, diversity, and credibility from real, quality news sites. That’s music to our ears! 🎵


How Does It Work...

Step 1:Give Us Some Information

When you purchase Pattern Press Release, we need to know what to write. Give us some information about your business, industry, product, keyword, subject, anchor text, URLs, and anything else you want us to know about you and your business.

Step 2:Article Creation and Outreach

Next, our writers will put together a high quality press release based on the information you provide us. Our writers are high quality, trained professionals. Once the press release is written, we reach out to networks of journalists.

Step 3:Thorough Final Report

Within a week, you’ll receive a detailed report, unless you anticipate a slower drip.

Pattern Press




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  • High Quality Press Release
  • 500 Words Written by A Professional
  • Up to 3 Links / 3 Keywords
  • Approval Before Distribution
  • High Quality Distribution
  • Distributed to 100+ Authority News Outlets
  • Hundreds of Diversified White-Hat Links
  • DA 20-90+

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I provide when placing an order?

Click here to check out our sample order form.

Am I able to approve the Press Release before it is distributed?

Yes! In fact, we insist on it. We’ll have you check out the press release and make any edits or changes needed.

So, what is the structure of a press release?

Headlines are under 80 characters. Subheadlines are under 200 words, and the body of the press release must be under 700 words.

Are any topics off limits?

Yes. News outlets will typically reject the following topics:

  • Loans: mortgages, pay day, cash, long-term and short-term
  • Sexual products, including pills, dating sites, erectile dysfunction, and STDs
  • Radical political or religious opinions
  • Gambling and casinos
  • E-cigarettes and other supplements, including dietary
  • Illegal activities like hacking, bypassing gaming restrictions, unlocking phones, etc.
  • Alcohol, weed, and other substances
  • Multi-Level Marketing schemes
How long will this take?

We’ll write and distribute the press release in about 7-10 days. However, you may continue to receive links even after we’ve sent you the final report.

Should my links be no-follow or do-follow?

If keywords or phrases are used as anchors, no-follow. If you use naked anchors, it’s alright to leave it as do-follow.

Can I use foreign language as keywords?

Unfortunately, Pattern Press can’t accept foreign keywords. The target site must be in English which means the keywords and anchor text must be in English as well. However, Pattern Foundations, Pattern Blitz, and Pattern Local all work with foreign language.

What niches does Pattern Press avoid?

We won’t work with adult and sexual, e-cigarette, weight loss, or gambling/casino niches. We won’t work with any niches that are not typically accepted by networks.

When can I display ABC, NBC, Fox logos on my website?

Once your press release has run on those sites, you can feature the logos on your website. Check out the logos you can use by clicking here.