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Want to improve your local ranking? You probably need to clean up inconsistent citations. We’ve got our mops and brooms ready to go! ✨

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Why Do I Need a Cleanup?

One of the worst things you can do for your local ranking is inconsistent or wrong citations.

We’ve done a lot of research on this, and we’ve helped a lot of companies increase their local rankings just by cleaning up their citations. But don’t take our word for it. David Mihms from SEOMoz says this is the third most common factor in low SEO local rankings. There are many reasons this could happen. For example, you might have:

  • Changed your address
  • Changed your phone number
  • Changed your name
  • Data aggregators might have also recorded your information or NAP incorrectly.

Whatever the reason, these cause your local ranking to plummet. If each citation is slightly different, you’re spreading out the juice that you could be collecting with correct and consistent citations. Not only will we identify any variations or abnormalities, but we’ll help you fix them, too!

How We Can Help

We’re going to be honest: it’s not easy. But we’ve done it for so many companies, that we’ve become experts at identifying inconsistent citations then fixing them. Consider us the Merry Maids of citations.

It starts with you: you sign up for Pattern CitationCleanup, and we do the rest. While you sit back and relax, we will be:

  • Conducting a full audit for your site
  • Gathering all inconsistent citations
  • Contacting the owners of those citation sources manually
  • Correcting any inconsistent information (your name, phone number, address)
  • Sending you a full report once our findings are complete

We want you to sweep the competition and the best way to do that locally is cleaning up your citations.

How Does It Work...

Step 1:Conduct a Full Citation Audit

We need to know what we’re dealing with, so we’ll complete a full audit on your current citations. And we do it thoroughly by examining your entire profile and finding each inconsistent citation that exists. This complete list will help us with the next step.

Step 2:Individually Contact Citation Sources

It is important that we reach out to citation sources manually so we ensure the citation is corrected. Sometimes, these sources require an email, so we will set up that contact on your behalf and will keep track of these communications for you.

Step 3:Fix All Inconsistent Citations

Once we have found the inconsistencies and reached out to those sources, we work with them to correct those citations.

Step 4:Create & Deliver a Full, Detailed Report

And when we’re finished finding and correcting all citations, we create a thorough report so you can see where your citations were inconsistent and how we fixed them.

Local Citation Cleanup




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  • Complete Audit Of All Existing Citations
  • Fix Citations
  • Provide A Detailed Report

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I provide when placing an order?

Click here to check out our sample order form.

Which data aggregators will you check?

We check with the following aggregators: Acxiom, Factual, Foursquare, Infogroup, and Neustar Localeze.

What if you need to contact citation sources via phone?

It isn’t typically a problem because we’ve established and maintained relationships with mailing directories for so long. Because of these relationships, we are able to cooperate with most of them.

What exactly am I paying for? Business or location?

You pay by location or by NAP.

Are you able to change my existing profile?

Yeah, sure! We just need your passwords to those properties. If you don’t have these, it’s incredibly difficult to make those changes. Just so you know, our focus is on remaining consistent with your name, phone number, and address. Those are the most important items to get right when it comes to citations. Everything else pales in comparison.