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Your website will be scanned for more than 50 SEO signals with our SEO analyzer. You’ll be scored on the search engine optimization of each page of your website.

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That’s easy math! Our SEO Audit Tool will scan your website (did we mention it was FREE? ?). This will help us determine what areas of your page need optimized. With that information, we will then improve target keywords and other SEO factors like title tags, meta-descriptions, images, links, and other tools to optimize your page.

Sharing is Caring

Use the SEO audit tool to demonstrate improvements that can be made to your website rankings, then share you rankings with others. Areas for improvement might include broken links, error pages, page speed, and weak site URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your free SEO audit tool?

It’s super easy. All you do is enter the URL of your website or a specific page within your website that you want to be audited. You’ll also include your target keywords, then hit “Scan Now.” Our analyzer will filter through your website for weaknesses, error pages, warnings, and weak SEO then provide you with a comprehensive SEO score.

How is the SEO score determined? What does it mean?

The grade that your website is given is based on a number of factors including warnings, error pages, and page speed. Although the score is comprehensive, it is meant to be used as a guide when determining what changes should be made to improve your page’s SEO.

Now that I have my SEO score, what should I do?

That’s where we can help! We provide the free tool to determine your SEO score, AND we’ll create a plan to improve it! We’ll use the audit report and the weaknesses it identifies to optimize the SEO on your page. Remember, though, that the SEO audit tool is completed on a page-by-page basis. That means in order to improve your score, you’ll need to make changes on multiple mages, not just the home URL. Schedule a strategy call today!

Why should I worry about page ranking?

The easiest way to boost your website’s ranking on Google or other search engine (which then boosts traffic to your website) is to make sure your page is error-free and SEO-optimized. Google will scan your website to determine its quality. Part of what Google looks for are errors, weak SEO, warnings, and page speed. By identifying these errors and improving them, Google will see your website as a quality site which gives you a higher authority which then drives traffic to your site. See how that works? Better SEO means better ranking means more traffic means more sales.

I struggle with fixing SEO errors and would feel more comfortable if professionals handled this. Are you able to do that?

Absolutely! Give us a call or email us. We’ll set up a meeting with one of our SEO professionals and they’ll take a look at your report to see where they can improve your website. We’ll be as open, honest, and straightforward as possible. We understand that SEO can be confusing, and we also recognize its importance.

After I fix all of the identified SEO errors, is there a way to see the impact of these changes?

There are a lot of factors that go into SEO scores, so we suggest using some sort of online analytics tool like Google Analytics to track any improvements that may result from you making these changes. Sometimes this can take a while since Google and other search engines will need to crawl your websites again. Some of the improvements you might see are:

  • User Data: how many people view your page, how long they spend on your site, how often the pages fail
  • New versus returning users
  • Changes made to the positions of your landing pages and keywords (Google Search Console can help with that)
When I checked some of the bigger, more popular sites in my industry with your auditing tool, I saw that they had a lot of SEO errors. Why should I worry about errors if other companies don’t have to?

You just said a few keywords: bigger and more popular. These websites have a lot of traffic generated from things like social media, large email lists, referrals and other means of traffic. They are huge and well-known, which means they don’t need to worry as much about SEO errors because search engines are not their main way of generating traffic.