The Words Matter: How to Write an Ad on Google People Will Click On

The Words Matter: How to Write an Ad on Google People Will Click On

Google currently handles around 40,000 searches per second on a daily basis. Amongst these searches and other internet activity is a large percentage of Google ads running in hopes of grabbing someone’s attention. The problem is, with so much information being given to internet users by the second, it’s not surprising tons of ads get overlooked.

So what makes a Google ad really stick out and make people want to click a link? The simple answer is how the ad is written. And, sadly, most people are missing the mark with the important detail.

But this is something that you can work on to help potential customers find your business. Keep reading to check out how to write an ad on Google that will have people racing to your website.

Acknowledge Audience Problem

If you want to know how to write an ad that works well on Google then you’ll need to definitely know your audience first. The majority of the time, people stop scrolling when they see something that is spot-on accurate for their lives. For instance, a make-up artist looking for a way to clean her tools will stop if you ask a question that specifically speaks to her issue (i.e. “Are you a makeup artist looking for ample, toxic-free for your expensive brushes?”).

The internet is a random place and typically people already aren’t expecting every single ad to pertain to them. That’s why putting the problem right in your audience’s face will help to grab their attention right away.

Offer Clear Solutions

As previously mentioned, internet users see a large variety of content on a daily basis. And this lowers their expectancy of “striking gold” when it comes to finding eerily relevant content. Writing copy that offers your audience a clear solution to their issues gives you a chance of being seen amongst all the general things.

To optimize SEO efforts, state exactly what you can do for them, such as deliver quality in-home personal training for stay-at-home-moms. Don’t forget to mention all the benefits that your product or service offers to the potential customer. The more specific you are with how you can help, the better.

Use Keywords Appropriately

Speaking of being specific, one of the best methods of how to write an ad for Google is to use keywords. Keywords allow individuals within your audience to be paired with your ads based on their behaviors and activities. Try to get as close as possible to what your ideal customer is looking for as possible (ex. “discounted blue suede shoes” versus “discounted shoes”).

You can search for the best keywords for adwords copy by using Google Keyword Planner. It’s important to test your keywords and phrases out to see which ones work best for your ad. Also, remember not to just cram all the keywords in the copy- it’s best to strategically place them in the copy.

Include CTA (Call-to-action)

Let’s be honest- people using the internet aren’t always intentional with their actions. Sometimes you even have to tell them what to do to get them to participate in certain online activities. This is why it’s important to include a CTA in your Google ad.

If you want someone to perform an action then, most of the time, you’ll have to direct them to do so. Be specific about what you want them to do (i.e. click a link, sign up with their email, etc.) and then make it very easy for the person to complete the task, such as include a link that’s easy to find. Giving clear directions can help your business tremendously.

Be Clever & Experimental

Knowing how to write an ad for Google just sometimes come for flexing your creative muscles. You can take the information that you know about your target audience and combine it with some clever, creative copy. Try different quirky headlines that might catch your audience’s eye (pop culture references, etc.).

You don’t have to follow what every other ad in your industry looks like. Give prospects what they want in unique ways. Test out various structures for your ad, such as placing the call-to-action in different spots in the ad. Being brave and experimental is at least bound to turn some heads- and all the attention is welcome.

Leverage Social Proof

People always feel better about trying something out before they’ve bought it. Unfortunately, doing business on the internet makes this a much more tedious process. But what you can offer them are legitimate reviews and testimonials from previous customers.

When you leverage social proof, you make the potential lead more comfortable with visiting your website and ultimately buy from your company. Make sure the testimonials aren’t fraudulent in anyways and appear real. Also, be mindful of people who do reviews and publicly addressing and concerns they may have had with the product or service to show that you’re dedicated to authenticity.

Add Conversion Proven Words

Studies have shown that certain words trigger emotions when read or heard. This is a psychological advantage you can use when you’re learning how to write ad copy. Some words, such as “you” and “imagine”, have been proven to produce a specific response in humans when after reading them.

Keep in mind that just placing these words in the copy won’t necessarily cause people to click your ad. However, when you strategically use them to create powerful sentences, more than likely you’ll start to get the reactions that you’re looking for.

Interested in Learning How to Write An Ad for Your Business?

Since the internet seems so congested with information, it’s important to put great effort into all of your online advertising. Learning how to write an ad that will help your business achieve a certain goal is important. But finding the perfect adwords copy won’t happen overnight.

If you’re having trouble with converting Google ads, writing great copy and other marketing-related concerns, sign up for a free strategy call. Get your business on the right track to attracting customers and boosting sales.

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