SEO Case Study: 2,500+% Increase In Organic Traffic!

SEO Case Study: 2,500+% Increase In Organic Traffic!

Interested in seeing a few case studies of recent SEO results we’ve got for our clients? Below I’ve outlined 2 case studies, one for an eCommerce site, and one for a Local Business that we’ve been able to get some great results for in only a few months.

Each of these case studies are from our Pattern Managed SEO Services. You can learn all about that here.

But for now, let’s jump in!

eCommerce SEO Results

We actually built this site, thus when we started this campaign it had 0 monthly visitors. We were able to take this site from 0 to 1,000 unique visitors in only 4 months.

Initial Due Diligence

This particular site was in the CBD industry, which is in my honest opinion completely saturated and damn near impossible to rank for any keywords with the word CBD in it.

So I built our entire content marketing based on long tail keywords, like ‘natural ibuprofen alternative’ and ‘natural alternative to adderall’ these keywords had practically 0 competition and more than 1,000 monthly searches.

We began with building out our content marketing strategy and then doing strategic Guest Post blogging on High DA websites for target keywords. While we built out our blogger outreach we created a branded, natural backlink profile that would increase our authority across the board in SERPs.

Strategy Breakdown

Month 1

  • Guest Post – Exact Match for Target Keyword
  • Guest Post – Exact Match for Target Keyword
  • Pattern Foundation Linking – branded, naked URLs
  • Pattern Blog Post – 1 x 1000 word Post – targeting long-tail keyword

Month 2 (very similar)

  • Guest Post – Money keyword Variation
  • Guest Post – Money keyword Variation
  • Pattern Foundation Linking- branded, naked URLs
  • Pattern Blog Post – 1 x 1000 word Post – targeting long-tail keyword

Month 3 (Similar, But more anchor text diversity)

  • Guest Post – Branded
  • Guest Post – Branded
  • Pattern Foundation Linking – partial match, branded, naked anchors
  • Pattern Blog Post 1 x 1000 word post – high volume keyword


Since the site had no traffic we had to wait links to index. Upon indexing we saw the traffic flood to the site. Resulting in close to 1,000 new visitors each month.


Over the next 3 months of work, this site has much more potential, we will begin seeking higher volume keywords now that our site has more authority, and build out a more aggressive content marketing strategy!

Cincinnati Independent Insurance Agent


This client came to us looking to rank higher on the Google Map Pack for keywords like ‘car insurance cincinnati’, ‘insurance agents in cincinnati’, etc. He had over 100 five star reviews and wasn’t sure why they weren’t ranking higher locally.


Upon auditing their site we noticed they did not have many incorrect citations, however they weren’t in all the directories that would help push their local rankings.

We cleaned up the few local citations that were incorrect, and moved on from there.

Easy Wins Analysis

Upon doing our easy wins we identified they were already ranking for the ideal keywords, just not on page 1. So instead of targeting new keywords we focused on increasing traffic to keywords he was already ranking for on SERPs, just not in the first 4 positions.

Months 1-3 all the same

  • Pattern Link Building – mix of natural, branded, and exact match since we have total control.
  • Pattern Local – Increase directory submissions and social profiles.


After just a few months we were able to push a lot of his organic rankings from page 2 & 3 to page 1. We were also able to get him in the Local Map for a lot of the target keywords.

This website went from getting 1-2 leads a week to 1-2 leads a day. We have now transitioned into targeting more mid-buyer cycle keywords to continue to increase their traffic over time.


You may already be ranking for the keywords you want, just not on page 1 yet.  If this is the case, it’s a lot easier, and much more cost effective to get to page 1 for keywords you already rank for than to target new keywords completely.

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