Prevent Your Site From Getting Penalized

Prevent Your Site From Getting Penalized

Today I want to share with you some important information that most SEOs out there overlook when starting campaigns.

We have been monitoring a lot of our clients lately and we are seeing a glaring mistake in people’s backlink profiles that’s holding them back, and I want to tell you exactly what it is and how to fix it!

While I hope you’re not in one of these cases, but if you are, this might save your site!

Few SEO agencies understand what I’m going to discuss today. If you do “get it” this will give you a huge edge over your competition. We will reveal the strategy that we use on every site later in the post.

With that said let’s begin!

A Short Search Engine History Recap

Back in 2012, Google came out with Penguin – and all know that tons of SEOs got smacked for building too many exact match anchors to their sites. They turned up the dial so that if 30% of your back-link profile was one anchor, your rankings would suffer drastically (I encountered this problem first hand in 2012).

Then in 2013 Google turned up the dial on that again and penalized more sites, changing the % so you could only have 5-10% of our profile as exact match anchors… this continued to smash peoples rankings.

On a side note, it is difficult to say exactly what anchor text percentage you should have because it varies by SERP. We’ve looked into tons of sites and can see that sites with higher anchor % still ranking.. But it’s still something you need to be mindful of.

The thing with Penguin is that it runs on a constant basis, so just because you’re ranking today, doesn’t mean you will be in 3 weeks from now.

None of this is new, but when we looked at the sites of some of our customers, we are still seeing tons of over-optimized link profiles!!! MOST don’t realize they are doing it wrong!

Some people are following our advice to build more anchors like “click here” and using naked URLs, that’s all fine and dandy, but the majority of sites, are already over-optimized and it’s not enough!

If you’re already over-optimized… what will happen to your site when Google rolls out its next big update?

Obviously, we never want to see you struggle with this! So we made this article to give you a heads up ahead of time on how to prevent it!

How to Fix Your Backlink Profile With Ease

The good news here, there is an easy way to avoid over-optimization. And that is to get a ton of non-optimized links. You want to really “pad” your site so that over-optimization is never a question.

What I mean by this is simple, real brands and real websites get these links naturally. Most people link in the wild with brand anchors like Starbucks or with naked URLs like https://www.starbucks.com – so these are the types of links you want to be creating.

When I say you want to be creating, I mean like 90% of your link profile should be these types of backlinks.

So where do you go to get these links?

When you build these links you want to get them from authority sites where real companies go to get links from. One of the best places to obtain these links is with social media profiles.

I’m not referring to spammy blog comments or auto generated junk. We are looking for real sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn – the super high authority domains that send real links and real brand signals & diversity back to your site. All with non-optimized anchors. You can build out as many of these as you want!

These sites aren’t going to necessarily rank you, but they will protect your site from penalties which is something that you need.

These serve multiple purposes:

  1. They will create diversity within your link profile.

  2. Send brand / social signals to your website.

  3. You can use these to seed your content across the web so more people will see it.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Unfortunately, doing this yourself will require quite a bit of time to register 50+ social profiles.

This is why we created a service to that for you if you don’t have the time. We have streamlined this process so it’s affordable! ($2 or less per profile!)

Pattern Lock My Brand will go out and hand-register your brand on the top social sites in the world, fully fill out your profile, upload a picture and drop a non-optimized link on the page – linking right back to your site.

This will put your mind at ease about the whole Penguin/over-optimization issue.

Start your site with the Pattern LMB and start your link building profile out correctly so you don’t face the wrath of Google penalizing your site!

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