Making Keyword Research Easy

Making Keyword Research Easy

Some clients come to us because they struggle with one of the most foundational elements of search engine optimization – Keyword Research.

While most struggle, you don’t have to! Which is why I made this quick tutorial to show you how we make keyword research easy!

Start With The Right Tools

First, to do keyword research correctly we recommend using a software that pulls information from the SERPs.

At Pattern SEO we use SEMRush for our keyword research, as well as ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner. We have noticed the best bang for your buck comes with signing up for a subscription with SEMRush. This is the most affordable keyword tool and if you are doing the SEO yourself has a great tool to track your projects.

Sign up with SEMRush 7 day trial to give a try by clicking the link here.

Competition Keyword Gap Analysis

Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors

Once you’re inside your SEMRush dashboard, on the left hand side click the “Keyword Gap”

Then go to google and type in a few of the keywords you think your audience would search that you would want to appear for.

Copy the URL’s of the top organic results that you know are direct competitors, or in your vertical. (Don’t use links like houzz.com or angieslist.com as these will skew your research)

Once you have 3 or 4 URLs of competitors enter them into the Keyword Gap tool.

This will pull a report of all the keywords you rank for and all the keywords your competitors rank for.

Download this into an excel file (or Google Sheet!) and sort from the headers based on the following:

  1. Exclude the keywords you already rank for
  2. Sort keywords based on volume, competitiveness to rank, & relevancy

This should net you a large list of keywords that you should be able to identify. Many of which are profitable keywords that your website isn’t currently ranking for. This will give you keywords that you don’t rank for that you should curate a content marketing strategy for!

Easy Wins Keyword Research

We typically do this process first, but since my mind was already thinking about keyword gap analysis I wrote up the verbage for that first.

Within your SEMRush account, go to domain overview, and enter the URL for your website. This will give you a display of your current website traffic according to SERPs data.

Below the top data you will see “Top Organic Keywords” and it will show you the top 5 keywords your website ranks for.

Below this you will see a “view full report” button

This will take you to a list of every keyword you rank for. Download as an excel spreadsheet and filter this by volume.

The great thing about easy wins keywords, is these are keywords your website is already ranking for. So this means creating natural link profiles will naturally boost the rankings for these keywords.

In simpler terms, it’s much more cost effective and easier to rank for keywords your website already ranks for. Google already views you as an authority for this keyword, why try to rank for a new keyword if there are keywords that can bring you traffic faster.

With this list you can start building a natural link profile with the Pattern Link Building and see significant increases in your organic rankings over time!

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