Local SEO & OnSite Optimization

Local SEO & OnSite Optimization

What We Are Covering Today

  • Setting up your local site, structure, content, & how to optimize
  • Setting up your Google Local Page to Prepare to Take over the Local Search Listings

What We Are NOT Covering Today

  • Every single detail that has been covered a bajillion times
  • Useless suggestions that don’t have an impact on 99% of people

Setting Up Your Main Local Site

Local Site Checklists

What should you do if you don’t have an office, or building in every city, but you still want to rank everywhere in your service area?

We have seen it all from people setting up face offices, phone numbers to get Google Local Listings in different cities, the one problem is that Google Local requires verification (meaning they send you a postcard to the address or call you) and it’s just a flat out pain.

We suggest you build out landing pages on your site for the areas that you want to rank for. Your main website is your chance to rank in any city, or metropolitan area that you want!

First, get your keyword research out and build out pages for each of the areas you are looking to target, like this:

  • patternseo.com/cincinnati-seo
  • patternseo.com/nashville-seo
  • patternseo.com/columbus-seo
  • Etc, etc

Now that you have built the pages, let’s briefly discuss how to optimize them for search.

Local Site On-Site Optimization

We will take our keyword research report which will more than likely have a lot of similar terms in it and we will start combing through them naturally making them into longer phrases so that we can rank for additional long-tail and variation keywords, PLUS we are also avoiding the chance of over-optimization penalty.

Combine Terms to Make Variations / Long Tails & Avoid Over Optimizing Your Site

Don’t stuff the same keywords in a repetitive manner in your title, h1, meta, etc. Instead, use synonyms or variations that you identified when doing your keyword research.

You can combine the phrases to create longer / more complete phrases. So you may have a list like this:

  • Roofing contractor
  • Chicago roofing contractor
  • Roofing repair

And we turn it into something like this “The Best Roofing Repair Contractor in Chicago”

Next, while most would repeat the same thing in the h1s, description, etc, we combine other phrases we have like:

  • Residential roof repair
  • Roof company
  • Gutter contractor

We can turn this into “need a residential roof repair company or gutter contractor? Call us today at XXX-XXXX”

Notice how we combined the terms into one sentence to avoid repeating the same words? This again helps with avoiding over-optimization, and rank for more related keywords. Make sure you try to do this as naturally as possible. And don’t just keep jamming these everywhere. Try to mix it up & include lots of other text on the page too.


Next up the add-in terms that will help users to click on search results like best, top, reviews, etc

“The best roofing repair contractor in Chicago.”

Add Non-Geo-Modified Phrases from KW Planner Local Search

You should also be using non-geo modified terms/ phrases which you can get from the Google Keyword Planner Local Search. Here’s How:

  1. Go into Google Keyword Planner

  2. Select “search for new keywords and ad group ideas”

  3. Under targeting choose the areas that you want

From this you will find a lot of ideas that you can use on the page that are not geo modified terms but are being searched by people in your target area.

It could be terms like “dentist near me” or “emergency dentist”

Easy ways to Create Custom Content for Local Landing Pages

  1. Local Relevant Info

    Information about the area that relates to the service you provide.

  2. Info about your Service Specifically in that Area

    Your business history in the area you are targeting, why you like the area, and what services you provide in that location.

  3. Info about the office, building, management team

    You can even go a step further and include employee bios, etc

  4. Location Specific Rich Media

    Pictures, videos, descriptions of the office there, work that you’ve done in the area, or about the suburb in general that pertains to your work.

  5. Reviews

    Get reviews from customers in that area, or reviews of work you’ve done in that area.

  6. Maps & Directions

    Include any maps of the area, directions to your office, etc.

What to Highlight on Your Local Landing Page

Here all the main elements you should have on every local landing page:

  1. Keywords in Main Elements

    Variations of your target keywords / longtails make sure you are not repeating in your title, h1s, etc & location.

  2. NAP

    Make sure to include your name, address, and phone number in the schema markup.

  3. Map

    Make sure to provide a map of your location (Google maps embedded on page).

  4. Any Trust Symbols

    This means trust symbols of organizations you may be apart of like BNI, BBB accreditation, etc.

  5. Contact Form


  6. BIG CTA

    We are direct response marketers, we recommend you always have some sort of call-to-action (CTA) on your site.

Google Local Optimization

  1. Complete the damn profile

    We see this too often not to complain, make sure you complete everything with as much detail as possible, including photos, additional service bios, office hours, etc.

  2. Business Name

    Use the real business name.. Not your localized version, no keywords, or filler. This isn’t going to have a negative impact on your NAP consistency.

  3. Categories

    Google is starting to really crack down on non-relevant categories. Pick as many that are relevant to you and use all 5 slows.


    You can get an idea of what to use by simply looking at what your competitors that are ranking do. Emulate their categories but be creative too.. Google will crack down if your copy is identical to your competitors.

  4. Address

    TIf you have a choice, make your address close to the top ranking competitors or center of the area you are trying to target.

  5. Reviews

    Lock in some 5 star reviews asap. Make sure the reviews have your keywords naturally in them.


I know that was a lot.. But congrats on making it through this post. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments below or email us at grow@patternseo.com

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