How to Find Keywords You’ve Never Thought Of

How to Find Keywords You’ve Never Thought Of

Today I’m going to show you how we take our first SEO approach that will help your business prioritize topics for content moving forward with your SEO strategy- even topics you never thought of!

There are two strategies I’m going to discuss today. The first strategy is the secret to finding every single keyword in your industry, and it’s actually quite simple. This is a strategy to start ranking for new keywords. The second strategy is for finding niche keywords that your website is already ranking for and increase the rankings for them.

Content Gap Analysis

The first strategy is called a Content Gap Analysis & here is how it works:

  1. We first identify who all your top search competitors are. We typically do this my making a list of all the top sites in your industry that have the best content.

  2. Next, we identify all keywords that they currently rank for. (we use a tool called SEMRush that allows us to easily do this).

  3. We exclude any keywords that you already rank for (this means you have already created content and have pages for these keywords).

Now you have a list of every keyword your top competitors are ranking for that you are not… yet.

So what do you need to do with this list?

First, you’ll want to filter it down based on the size of your competition and keywords that have the most relevance and traffic. Then start curating your website’s newest list of topics!

Now, you go through this list and start curating content with these keywords!

If the vertical is big enough, we run a content gap analysis for clients on our managed SEO services.  We usually come up with over 1000+ topics that we can write content on.

This is an incredibly powerful tool when starting a content marketing strategy. Chances are, your competition is already doing this.

If you’d like us to perform a content gap analysis for your website, checkout our managed SEO service or request a FREE Content Gap Analysis!

Google Webmasters Tools.

The second way to find keywords that your website may rank for but just not on the first (or second) pages of search engines is by using the Google Webmasters Tools.

This tool allows you to check your on-page SEO, backlink quality, and traffic stats. It also gives you a breakdown of what keywords triggered your site to appear in search engines.

First you go to your Google webmasters tools, then on the left hand side, click performance.

This will give you a breakdown of how many times your site had an impression on search engines, how many clicks you received, what your average CTR is, and what your average position is.

From this data you will start to see what people are searching that is causing your site to appear in Google. Then you can search these keywords and find the page on your website that ranks and begin doing backlinking.

This is a great strategy if you don’t already know what your audience is searching to find you. This enables you to build a more effective link building strategy to increase your keyword rank.

If you’re interested in learning more about a custom tailored SEO strategy click here to request a FREE SEO strategy session!

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